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Signs You're Wearing Wrong Prescription Glasses


Picture this; you go to your eye doctor for a yearly check-up, and they tell you that you need a new prescription. You leave the office with a brand new prescription and head to the glasses store. You pick out a pair of glasses and take them home. A few weeks later, you realize your vision isn't any better. What went wrong? Well, you may be wearing the wrong prescription.

 This piece will discuss signs that you might be wearing the wrong prescription glasses. Read on!

 Eye Strain

 The right prescription glasses should help reduce eye strain. If you're experiencing more eye strain than usual, it might be because your prescription is wrong. To test this theory, try wearing your old prescription glasses for a day. If your eyes feel less strained, then there's a good chance your new prescription isn't right. More Reasons for eye strain could be your time on screens read more here about eye strain from screens,

 Unexplained Nausea

 Do you feel nauseous after wearing your glasses for a few hours? Out-of-date or overly strong prescriptions are known to cause nausea in some people. If you're experiencing this symptom, it might be time to visit your eye doctor and get a new prescription.

 Your Eyes Are Always Watering

 If your eyes are always watering, it could be because the prescription in your glasses is too strong. This can cause the eyes to become irritated and inflamed. If this is the case, your doctor might suggest getting a weaker prescription.

 Your Eyes Are Always Tired

 The wrong prescription can cause your eyes to work harder than they should, which can lead to eye fatigue.

 Other Signs

  • Your eyesight has gotten worse since you started wearing your current prescription glasses
  • You have a difficult time seeing in low light situations
  • Poor vision when one eye is closed

Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Size Glasses

 Just as glasses can be the wrong prescription, they can also be the wrong size. Here are signs you might be wearing the wrong size glasses:


 You might think indents in the area of the temples or behind the ear are par for the course when it comes to wearing glasses, but this is not true. If your glasses are too tight, they can cause indentations in these areas. Over time, these indentations can become permanent and can also lead to headaches. Try loosening the screws on your glasses a little to see if this helps. If it doesn't, you might need new glasses.

 The Frames of Your Glasses Are Constantly Slipping Down Your Nose

Caught yourself constantly pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose? This could be a sign that you're wearing the wrong size frames. The frames of your glasses should stay in place without having to constantly adjust them. If they keep slipping, get a well-fitting pair. Read more about keeping your glasses from slipping off your nose,


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