What to Do If Your Glasses Don't Fit Well

What to Do If Your Glasses Don't Fit WellWhat to Do If Your Glasses Don't Fit Well

So you just received your new pair of prescription glasses, and you're more than excited to put them on. You rip open the packaging in a fuss and behold your fresh pair of glasses. Everything seems to plan, but then you plop them on your face, and they don't fit.

You remove them and try them again, but the result is the same. Then it hits you; your glasses don't fit. If this sounds like you, worry not; we're here to help. Today, we'll be looking at a couple of things to do if your glasses don't fit.

Make Adjustments

In some cases, you can make simple adjustments to help your glasses fit better. At least try adjusting your glasses first before asking for a refund or replacements. Here's how you adjust your glasses to fit correctly.

Adjusting for Proper Nose Fit

Glasses with wireframes will also have nose pads. These nose plugs help position the glasses correctly over the noses. If the nose pads don't fit correctly over your nose, you can adjust them accordingly.

To do so, you need to pinch or tug the nose pads with your fingertips. Push them inwards for them to have a better grip on your nose. Push them outwards if they hug your nose too tightly.

Things work a little differently for plastic frames. To adjust for proper nose fit with plastic frames, you first have to run the glasses under warm water for about a minute. Next, remove the frames and push the temple arms slightly downwards and inwards to hug your nose tighter. Finally, push them upwards and outwards to loosen the grip on your nose. Do this until you find the perfect fit for your nose.

Adjusting for Proper Temple Fit

Adjusting for temple arms is a lot easier than other adjustments. If the glasses are too tight on your temples, pull the temples arms outwards until they fit. If they fit too loosely on your temples, pull them inwards for a perfect fit.

Proper-Fitting Glasses for Proper Vision

Settling for glasses that don't fit will do little to help improve your vision. Instead, ensure your glasses fit you properly for clear vision and ultimate comfort. Ensure you get your prescription glasses from a reputable vendor for perfectly fitting glasses.

Contact the Vendor

If everything fails, give the eyeglass vendor a call as soon as you can. The vendor will then advise you on the best course action or match you with a pair that perfectly fits you.

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