Which Types of Sunglasses Can Be Made Into Prescription Sunglasses?

prescription sunglassesPrescription sunglasses are a great way to keep your vision clear on bright days and avoid the need to constantly wear contacts and traditional, non-prescription sunglasses when the weather turns sunny.

Interested in shopping for prescription sunglasses? You may also be wondering if all types of sunglasses can be turned into prescription sunglasses. The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think! Learn more in this blog from Designer Optics.

Most Sunglasses Can Easily Be Made into Prescription Sunglasses

The vast majority of standard-shaped sunglasses can be turned into prescription sunglasses. The way it works is simple.

  1. Choose your frames – First, you’ll need to choose a set of frames that’s compatible with your prescription. Note that if you have a very high prescription, some thinner frames may not be appropriate for prescription sunglass lenses.

  2. Provide your prescription – Next, you’ll just need to provide your prescription information to the company selling your sunglasses so that they can modify the glasses to meet your needs.

  3. Get a set of customized prescription sunglasses lenses – Your sunglasses will have the standard lenses removed. Then, the company building your prescription sunglasses will manufacture a set of lenses with your custom prescription and place them into the frames using special tools.

That’s it! Once your sunglasses arrive, you’ll be able to see clearly on bright days and protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays.

Most Wrap-Around & Oddly-Shaped Sunglasses Can’t Be Used For Prescription Lenses

So, what kinds of sunglasses can’t use prescription lenses? There are two primary categories of sunglasses that may not be compatible with most prescriptions:

  • Wrap-around sunglasses – Wrap-around sunglasses may not work with higher prescriptions. This is because the curvature of the lenses can interfere with proper vision, causing a “fishbowl distortion” effect, particularly with thicker lenses.

  • Oddly-shaped sunglasses – Some styles of sunglasses that have two differently-shaped or differently-sized lenses will not work for prescription lenses. This is because it’s too difficult to manufacture two differently-sized lenses that provide proper visual correction.

While these prescription sunglasses can sometimes be made with a special-order request, they are generally very difficult to manufacture, especially for people with a high prescription.

Some Wrap-Around Sunglasses Use Special Technology For Prescription Compatibility

While most wrap-around sunglasses are not suitable for prescription lenses, this is not always the case. Some manufacturers like Wiley X use special materials and extension techniques to accommodate a wide variety of prescription lenses.

This makes frames from Wiley X particularly popular for those who are looking for outdoor safety eyewear that wraps around their entire eye, and for people who want more protection from the wind and the elements.

Got Questions? Contact Designer Optics Today!

At Designer Optics, we have a full lineup of designer frames and sunglasses that can accommodate almost any prescription. If you’re not sure whether or not a particular set of frames can handle your prescription, just contact us online – we’re always here to help!

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