Dragon glasses appeal to an active youthful lifestyle. Born out of a want to conquer the active-wear market, Dragon aims to meet the demands of adventurous minds. Each eyeglass from this brand is inspired by cutting-edge fashions for men and women. Extra lightweight, comfortable and durable, Dragon’s frames come in a wide gamut of colors and sophisticated profiles to let you fly. Plus, they’re now coming up with eco-friendly options, using a smarter and cleaner alternative to standard petroleum-based plastic to give their sunglasses a lighter but durable build, while reducing carbon footprint. Every frame is conceived through a process that repurposes, or upcycles, single-use plastics to reduce the impact they have on the land we love, air we breathe and the oceans we love to surf. Stemming from Southern California in 1993, Dragon is a globally recognized performance eyewear brand with deep ties to action sports.
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