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Kate Young for Tura Eyeglasses & Sunglasses
Kate Young for Tura Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Kate Young for Tura

Founded in 1938, Kate Young was started by Tura as a pursuit for world-class artistry and craftsmanship using the finest materials and designs from all over the world. The exclusive partnerships with iconic brands like Christian Dior opened the world of Haute fashion for this design-first brand, allowing them to introduce ground-breaking styles in the world of eyewear. Specifically, the mid-20th century styles of this fashion-forward brand include angular accents, slender frames, and elegant patterns that allow users versatility whether they plan to pair it with everyday at-home outfits or accessorize over casual outfits.


True to its youthful flair, Kate Young brings minimalist styles and high-spirited appeal to all its eyewear. Explore our collection of era-defining sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses to pick your new all-year favorite from Kate Young.

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