Lacoste eyewear celebrates life as a beautiful sport. 

 Each frame comes inspired by its sports design legacy, featuring timeless profiles, vibrant colors, striping and piping, and the ever-so-recognizable croc logo. It all started in 1933 when Rene Lacoste was promised a bag in crocodile skin if he managed to land the victory for the team. He did and so did the world in the form of a new brand that has become synonymous with sports and fashion. Lacoste eyeglasses strike the perfect balance between function and sleek European style to create bespoke designs you can’t refuse. Whether it’s business or pleasure, Lacoste eyewear meets your everyday vision needs like nobody else. Similarly, Lacoste sunglasses are equally exciting and will take you from the beach to hanging out in the city, all while keeping your eyes protected and your fashion game high up! Select from a wide collection - round, oval, pilot, square - each frame ready to complement your face and ensemble.

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