STATE Optical Co.

“Made in America” – enough said!

STATE Optical Co. is the first luxury eyewear brand to be designed and manufactured in the USA. The designs are created in Northern California by head designer, Blake Kuwahara, while the manufacturing happens in the STATE Optical factory in Vernon Hills, Illinois. A pair of these acetate eyeglasses takes 75 careful steps to manufacture – 50% of this work is done entirely by hand. Being the first and only eye brand created entirely on American soil, each frame is given extra attention to ensure it looks and feels authentic, American, and original. The passion of STATE Optical Co. is to emphasize the quality, individuality and authenticity in having a dream and pursuing it. They did what nobody else could. They brought optical manufacturing back home. Now become a part of this milestone by grabbing a pair from STATE Optical Co. and show the world, everything is possible if you’re determined enough!

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