How To Care For Your Glasses

If you are anything like us, your glasses go everywhere with you. They're our companions at work, out in nature, or relaxing at home. Unfortunately they can't always handle the environment quite as well as we do. Luckily, we've thrown together a handy list of tips, tricks, and guidelines to make sure your trusty prescription and sunglasses last as long as possible.

Wear Them Properly

The first step to keeping your glasses in great condition is using them right! It may seem very straightforward, but with a little extra care, your sunglasses or prescription piece can make it the extra mile.

  • Don't wear them on your head! This causes stretching of the hinges, warping the overall shape of the frame.
  • Wire frames in particular are susceptible to bending when pushed on the nose piece. Use both hands and push using the edge of your glasses.
  • Don't leave them out on the bathroom counter when you're getting ready. This leaves them vulnerable to hairspray, water droplets, or worse!


Clean Them Correctly

Good cleaning and maintenance will be the biggest factor in keeping your lenses free of dirt, grime, and damage. Small particles like dust, dirt, and sticky substances will accumulate to cause significant wear and tear on not only the frame, but particularly the glass. Here are the best steps to take

  • Don't use paper towels, t-shirts, or other clothing to clean off your lenses. These have a high chance to scratch and scuff the glass.
  • Be careful about what solutions you use to clean lenses. A tiny amount of Dawn detergent with some water is perfect!
  • Use a fresh, completely clean cotton towel to gently dry them off.
  • Finally, finish with a microfiber cloth (like the one that came with your glasses) to dab away any remaining moisture or droplets that may leak out from the joints of the frame.

Store Them Safely

Being smart about where and how you store your pair of lenses is key to keeping your glasses in the best shape possible- for as long as possible. Think ahead and protect them for the long run, they'll treat your eyes right in return!

  • Be careful what temperatures you leave them in! Any pair of sunglasses can survive a hot day at the beach, but not even your best pair of prescription lenses will be happy when left in a super hot or cold car for a day or two.
  • Extreme heat or cold can affect not only the frame itself but the coating of the lenses.
  • Always use a case! Dust and debris get spread daily across all household and workspace surfaces, so there really are few safe places to maintain your glasses than their protective case.
  • Use a hard case, particularly when they will be placed in a bag with other items.


As a golden rule, treat your glasses as well as possible. Shopping for new glasses is fun (it's our favorite part!), but not when you have to do it every other week... Be as gentle with them as you can, wear them currently, and practice care when cleaning and storing them. After all, they're your eye's best friends!

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