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Wiley X

Established by a US veteran in 1987, Wiley X is like a hard, battle-tested tank in the middle of a sea of plastic trucks. Designed with functionality in mind, this family-owned and run business was built to manufacture the finest quality eyewear and protective gear for those serving in the army, police force, fire department, and other first responder services.


An Ever-evolving Brand

Wiley X started off to bring rugged eyewear and accessories to take on the harshest climate and has kept up with not just the latest technologies but the trends too. Over the years, the focus has extended to ergonomics and comfort.


Our collection includes sunglasses, gloves, side shields, goggle sleeves, straps, apparel, and the entire assortment of outdoor-centric gear by this iconic brand. Explore the collection and make your next outdoor, hunting, camping, and hiking trip extra fun with Wiley X’s incredible range of products.

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