Should I be worried if USPS tracking hasn't updated in 3 days?

Not necessarily. While it is required that packages with tracking numbers be scanned at every stop along the way from origin to destination, these scans are sometimes missed or skipped. There are a variety of reasons this might happen, but there is no need to start worrying yet.


  • Holiday Rush
  • Delay on the part of the carrier
  • Weather Conditions
  • Package Not Scanned
  • Packages are not scanned at intermediary stops

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  • Mary Taylor

    Am VERY disappointed in our USPS mail system..paid for Proorty mail small pkg Oct 5 2021 from kc mo to mission kns..has been in mission kns waiting to scanned for delivery for three days…where is priority pkg ?!!?

  • Mary Taylor

    Am VERY disappointed in our USPS mail system..paid for Proorty mail small pkg Oct 5 2021 from kc mo to mission kns..has been in mission kns waiting to scanned for delivery for three days…where is priority pkg ?!!?

  • Justice Price

    My package was supposed to arrive yesterday, but it still says “departed from…. facility”. It’s not even in my county. It “departed” the 4th at 2 pm and now its the 6th and no updates. I really hope my package didn’t get lost.

  • Carol ONEAL

    I purchase internationally often. The delivery for 2 of my packages have not even arrived. One was shipped 9/6/21 . Where is our stuff?

  • Leana Lane Whitlow

    Package shipped on sept 13th and last update to tracking was the 14th in NJ and it was coming here to TX and it is now the 21st. how can we rely on tracking when it doesn’t even update? And it isn’t like the retailer lets you choose who does the shipping. This is just ridiculous and I feel like there is nothing I can do about it!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Was sent a overnight express package on the 8th it is now the 14th and have NO updates since it left the annex center in Tennessee on the 11th!! WTF is going on and where is my package? This is crap and it’s a good god damn thing it’s not meds for my son or hed be in big trouble! Thanks for nothing

  • Haley

    I’m having the same issues. It said leaving san Francisco 4 or 5 days ago now and it just says in Transit without any real updates except it changed to ‘will arrive late’ last night but without actually updating me on where my package is. I live in Wisconsin, so of course I was expecting it to take a couple of days but it has been a week and a half now on top of the days it hasn’t reported where my package is and it was supposed to get to me within 4 days. I’m getting pretty irritated and I’m almost starting to regret not just saving up for the software that I bought and getting it at full price off of amazon instead of off of it’s main website.

  • Judy Faris

    I sent USPS priority mail on Sept 7, 2021, from Corpus Christi TX! It wasn’scanned! It showed up in West TX 4 days later, which is in the opposite direction of Riverside Iowa, the destination facility! This is 09-14-2021 and no scanning has been done with exception of 09-10-2021! All USPS stipulates still in transit, to destination, expectected late! There was a case reported on 09-10-2021! USPS continues to refuse to inform me where my package is and no kind of timeframe! Worth of item is 1K! This is intentional Fraud and Theft by The US Federal Government! FU… YOU USPS! I’m making a Police report on USPS for Criminal Fraud and Theft of US Federal Mail! I’m changing my mail to USP or FedEx! Watchout everyone, USPS was bolstering several times that “I can’t do anything about it” Tell me how USPS is beyond the law! I will pursue these Criminals all the way to the bank! This is an extremely serious matter! 3rd world countries and the Pony express from the 1800’s were more expedient, without delay, even in a harsh environment!

  • Than Nguyen

    HI Support,

    We paid priority for this to be delivered on Friday. But it is currently 9/13/2021
    This order was processed 9/7/2021. There are no updates on where it is moving, only that it has left the Facility.

    USPS – 9505511598611250558148


    Thank You

  • Jesse schaefer

    Package has stopped being scanned and arriving late but 3 days past the original date and no updates fuck you usps.

  • sarah

    I’ve been waiting for my package for a while now and it shipped last Monday which was august 30th its not September 6th and it has not moved for the past 3 days which is concerning Bec its only 4 hours from where I live I usually never like to use UPS bec it’s a bad yk. I should have ordered off of amazon instead of waiting forever for a small package never using UPS again.

  • Kiyemba Hanifah

    I’ve not yet received and I’m not getting any up dates since Sunday.

  • Benjamín farias

    Mi pedido SY349622 y SY349615. El seguimiento de dhl no se actualizado desde el 2 de julio y ustedes no me han dado ninguna respuesta concreta. Dicho esto , contáctenme a mi Gmail. Para saber si va todo bien con mi pedido.

  • Debi

    My package was sent out on June 3nd an it’s now July 7th. Still haven’t received my package yet! I’m very concerned when I’m going to get my package?

  • Vincent Schroeder

    Dear Sir,
    My order has arrived in Luxembourg transit on the 28.06 but since hasn’t move!

    What can I do to found out what causes this huge delay?
    Any tel number or email you could send me for asking for help at USPS?

  • Jimmy Thomas

    My package has been in transit since 23 June and I would like to know why I have not received it. NO EXCUSE.

  • Natasha

    I ordered a very well handpicked couple of items online from a company in Georgia, and even attached 2-day priority shipping to it, because it’s an anniversary gift to my husband, who is in Nevada at the moment. The company shipped out my order, and it’s been sitting in Georgia; of all places; for 3 going on 4 days, awaiting acceptance from USPS🙈🙈the time it already spent in waiting, it could’ve been there already!
    That or people along the way simply are not scanning it at every checkpoint
    so I can’t track it properly. It’s frustrating, and our anniversary is in a week!

  • Curtis L Strickland

    My package reached a Airport in Accra Ghana, but for3 days it saying in created transit to destination. Can u find out why the package hasn’t been delivered to the post office. How long to wait when the package is there but not being moved to the post. I need to know what is going on with my package that it is taking a while. Can u find out where is the package right now please.

  • Paup

    I haven’t received package since on 16th of this month, telling me it on its way since. Please what going on?

  • Paup

    I haven’t received package since on 16th of this month, telling me it on its way since. Please what go

  • Leticia Dejesus

    I have not receive my package yet tracking# 4201045792748902779589000

  • William Alwine

    Tracking number 9505511930781153198832.
    Package shipped June 2, 2021. Last notification June 2nd was departing Rock Falls, Illinois 61071. No updates, no further information. Is package lost? No updates for 4 days.
    Please respond,
    William Alwine
    June 6, 2021 10:33am est.

  • Cheryl P

    Took package to post office May 21, 2021, paid for priority to ship it. Per tracking delivery May 24, 2021. Same status, “in transit arriving late” for 4 days.

  • danielle washington

    delivry cant track days on daniele washngton 1400 n.e. 33rd st okc ok 73111 delay hopefully not guratee approve

  • Kalyanamathy Rathinasamy

    Mailed 2 priortity boxes on 5/17/2021. One received. another shows as transit. Expected delivery date in the recipt is 5/20/2021. It is 5/22/2021. Please help. Sent some items for wedding. Wedding is today. So disappointed.

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