Should I be worried if USPS tracking hasn't updated in 3 days?

Not necessarily. While it is required that packages with tracking numbers be scanned at every stop along the way from origin to destination, these scans are sometimes missed or skipped. There are a variety of reasons this might happen, but there is no need to start worrying yet.


  • Holiday Rush
  • Delay on the part of the carrier
  • Weather Conditions
  • Package Not Scanned
  • Packages are not scanned at intermediary stops

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  • Leticia Dejesus

    I have not receive my package yet tracking# 4201045792748902779589000

  • William Alwine

    Tracking number 9505511930781153198832.
    Package shipped June 2, 2021. Last notification June 2nd was departing Rock Falls, Illinois 61071. No updates, no further information. Is package lost? No updates for 4 days.
    Please respond,
    William Alwine
    June 6, 2021 10:33am est.

  • Cheryl P

    Took package to post office May 21, 2021, paid for priority to ship it. Per tracking delivery May 24, 2021. Same status, “in transit arriving late” for 4 days.

  • danielle washington

    delivry cant track days on daniele washngton 1400 n.e. 33rd st okc ok 73111 delay hopefully not guratee approve

  • Kalyanamathy Rathinasamy

    Mailed 2 priortity boxes on 5/17/2021. One received. another shows as transit. Expected delivery date in the recipt is 5/20/2021. It is 5/22/2021. Please help. Sent some items for wedding. Wedding is today. So disappointed.


    My priority mail was supposed to be delivered on 5/10/21. It was mailed in Atlanta on 5/6/21 . I still have not gotten the priority mail. Tracking has not updated yet. 9505511603761126511911. It shows Atlanta on 5/6. Please help me get my letter. Thank. You.

  • Carol Goddard

    I shipped a package from Virginia to Ohio insured with tracking and for over a week, it says it’s in transit. I paid for insurance and I hope I can put a claim on it. Not one person knows where it is or if it’s going to arrive. It was mailed April 27 and today is May 12. Please help 🆘 with this problem!!!

  • Carol Goddard

    I shipped a package from Virginia to Ohio insured with tracking and for over a week, it says it’s in transit. I paid for insurance and I hope I can put a claim on it. Not one person knows where it is or if it’s going to arrive. It was mailed April 27 and today is May 12. Please help 🆘 with this problem!!!

  • Mary Jane

    They tracked my package until it was late and now I have no idea if it will be delivered in one day or ten more. USPS wants to concentrate on packages? TOO FUNNY! I personally will NEVER trust a package to them again. Pricing – they told me one week without priority. I paid for priority, and it has been a week. LOSERS, AND RIP-OFFS, ALL!

  • Michael J Walker

    On 4/2/21 A certified mail receipt domestic was mailed also two others at the same time. Post office in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. . One in Ft. Lauderdale, one to Philadelphia, Pa. both have been received. Mine is somewhere in limbo, Miami. Have no update from 4/6/2021 to date. Can’t seem to understand way others are there and not mine. NO mail, NO update and no help. USPS wants more money, but can’t do the job assigned. Advised “we have up to 3 weeks to deliver”. Why PAY for Certified Mail if you can’t even get to the recipient. Riddle me this Batman!

  • Rachb

    I sent a package to a Customer From post office I Did the labels myself to ship out, I took it there Saturday to the small town Post office “now it’s Wednesday no Tracking Available all the other packages show Tracking but One 🤦‍♀️ Why is this happening I called The post office that I went to they said sometimes this happens ugh Really now the Customer is wanting a Refund, so I have no Merchandise or no Way to Ever know if Customer Receives the Package and gets a Refund Really Hire People that want to Work Or That Actually Need Jobs Good Grief Please Hire People

  • Jasen Muir

    USPS claims to ship internationally but once the package crosses the border of another country they Claim they are no longer responsible and can not track the package. They also do not seem to be able to deal with customs into another company. If purchasing from other countries request shipment from DHL or FEDEX.

  • Moxley

    I think they need to hire a lot more people they cant handle the load. And alot of people need jobs.

  • Catherine

    I am waiting on my expited passport to arrive. Was suppose to come today 4-1. Nothing. Tracking has not updated since it left Arizona on Monday. Customer service is no help. Paid for priority mailing so this wouldn’t happen. I WILL NEVER EVER TRUST THE POST OFFICE AGAIN. USE FedEx or UPS. They tell you exactly where your package is.

  • Laura Turner

    Delivery date was 3/8/21 that was a week and a half ago, tracking stopped on the 9th in TN where the package was sent from on its way to TX. Covid,the weather etc. excuses but no real answers. I opened a case but haven’t heard anything back. It out me at a financial loss. Lessoned learned why they offer more insurance ,first time ever it has happened but I will definitely not go with standard insurance. Shipping fees alone besides my loss have taught me unfortunately to not make that mistake again.

  • Karime


  • Michael F Hansen

    I shipped my package 16 days ago Priority Insured and it still has not been delivered to its recipient. I ship 20 to 30 parcels each month and this is a first for me.

  • Steve

    My package has not tracked in 4 days just say processed thru last location which was 4 days ago was supposed to be delivered today and I received nothing and mail ran today already what is going on

  • yelena rybin

    my pacage send from Belarus 3 month ago we not recive it yet it still in NY from january 17

  • Jo A Majeske

    The package that I mailed on 2/17/21 was to be delivered on 2/22/21. There have been no updates since 2/21/21, and that one just said in transit. I don’t believe it ever left Detroit!! This is the fifth package that has been seriously delayed in the past 4 months. I paid extra is all cases to insure fast delivery. To me, this is fraud. The USPS is selling services that it knows it cannot deliver!!

  • Maris Kobb

    On February 9 our tax returns were
    sent by certified mail to Ogden Utah. The tracking seems to be stuck at " in process", arriving on Feb. 21. Since social security numbers are part of the parcel, we are indeed concerned. Is there any way to locate these documents? What happens if fraud occurs – will the postal service assume responsibility?

  • Maris Kobb

    Our income tax returns were sent to the IRS in Ogden Utah on Feb. 9. by certified mail. The tracking hasn’t changed in two weeks and says “in process” . Not only will this impede the filing of the taxes but our social security numbers are there for all to see.
    This is no way to run what should be a national service. Naturally, we have been unable to speak to a human being.
    I know that there are those who want to eliminate the lonf-trusted

  • Maria Rao

    This is the second time we’ve mailed a letter from CT to FL and both times the delivery was delayed. The first time it took 4 weeks and it was a certified letter with a tracking # , the second letter was mailed also certified with a tracking # on feb. 13th and as of today no one knows the status… it says pending! Seriously? Pending? I started a claim and the lady from USPS called me after 2 days and told me exactly what I found out myself on the website! PENDING! And after the call she closed the case! Pathetic!
    We paid money to have a tracking# but tracking what? USPS should reimburse us.
    I’m very disappointed with USPS

  • Pascal

    My tracking number is UH033376085US,

    My question is that , it going to be almost 5 days without any update for my package. Would you tell me what is wrong with it?


    I look forward to receiving your response soon.

  • Celestine. Lewis

    My package from amazon has not arrive in 3 days I will call my senator an let them know the mess up delivery of the usps, an we will tell people an try to get them to do the same , u people at the usps give the same reason there is no legal reason that we can not get our delivers

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