Should I be worried if USPS tracking hasn't updated in 3 days?

Not necessarily. While it is required that packages with tracking numbers be scanned at every stop along the way from origin to destination, these scans are sometimes missed or skipped. There are a variety of reasons this might happen, but there is no need to start worrying yet.


  • Holiday Rush
  • Delay on the part of the carrier
  • Weather Conditions
  • Package Not Scanned
  • Packages are not scanned at intermediary stops

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  • Gary Young

    I just found out something. If you send something express mail on Saturday it will not arrive on Monday. Even though it says guaranteed by 6:00 pm on Monday. Even though the distribution centers are open 7 days a week. If you’re going to use express mail make sure you send it during the week. It has a better chance of getting there next day.

  • Peg Obremski

    I mailed a certified letter Monday, January 10, 2022, The receipt states expected delivery would be Friday, January 14, 2022. It was not delivered that day and has not been delivered. Tracking gives no information re: where the certified mail is currently. Has the letter moved somewhere beyond Minneapolis? Typically, certified mail and packages move through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan to get to Ironwood, Michigan. Has my mailing been lost?

  • Sylvie

    I am experiencing two tracking issues at once, one for medication the other for a blood and saliva test that is probably time sensitive in how fast it needs to arrive before spoiling. I have heard nothing for 3 days with regard to either of them from usps tracking. All of my junk from amazon arrives just fine, even early but this important stuff just had to have issues. I am glad to see that issues seem common right now, I just hope one of the two resolves in the next week

  • TAKEA Redpill

    USPS sucks. Certified mail when sent within PA to a PA address, in this case a Power company utility bill, NOT BEING SCANNED ONE WEEK LATER, claims still sitting in the original post office, where I filled out the certified mail reciept, AND PAID EXTRA mind you.. Yes, the stupid tax payer, who funds the USPS, PAID EXTRA to track the mail, IN THE SAME SYSTEM THAT WE ALL FUND, GOING TO A CRAPPY JOB, TO PAY CRAPPY TAXES, TO A BOGUS GOVERMENT RUN SYSTEM! And guess what, nobody give a flying crap. Nobody.. The matrix keeps going on and on and on…..

  • Cheryl D Holland

    I paid for 2 packages to go out priority mail to be tracked. But the post office has dropped the ball and and someone didn’t scan these package that are going in different direction Arkansas, and California from Tucson Arizona it is important to me to be able to track my mail thats why I payed more I feel like I should get a complete refund for these priority mail…..

  • Mary Taylor

    Am VERY disappointed in our USPS mail system..paid for Proorty mail small pkg Oct 5 2021 from kc mo to mission kns..has been in mission kns waiting to scanned for delivery for three days…where is priority pkg ?!!?

  • Justice Price

    My package was supposed to arrive yesterday, but it still says “departed from…. facility”. It’s not even in my county. It “departed” the 4th at 2 pm and now its the 6th and no updates. I really hope my package didn’t get lost.

  • Carol ONEAL

    I purchase internationally often. The delivery for 2 of my packages have not even arrived. One was shipped 9/6/21 . Where is our stuff?

  • Debi

    My package was sent out on June 3nd an it’s now July 7th. Still haven’t received my package yet! I’m very concerned when I’m going to get my package?

  • Natasha

    I ordered a very well handpicked couple of items online from a company in Georgia, and even attached 2-day priority shipping to it, because it’s an anniversary gift to my husband, who is in Nevada at the moment. The company shipped out my order, and it’s been sitting in Georgia; of all places; for 3 going on 4 days, awaiting acceptance from USPS🙈🙈the time it already spent in waiting, it could’ve been there already!
    That or people along the way simply are not scanning it at every checkpoint
    so I can’t track it properly. It’s frustrating, and our anniversary is in a week!

  • Jasen Muir

    USPS claims to ship internationally but once the package crosses the border of another country they Claim they are no longer responsible and can not track the package. They also do not seem to be able to deal with customs into another company. If purchasing from other countries request shipment from DHL or FEDEX.

  • Moxley

    I think they need to hire a lot more people they cant handle the load. And alot of people need jobs.

  • Catherine

    I am waiting on my expited passport to arrive. Was suppose to come today 4-1. Nothing. Tracking has not updated since it left Arizona on Monday. Customer service is no help. Paid for priority mailing so this wouldn’t happen. I WILL NEVER EVER TRUST THE POST OFFICE AGAIN. USE FedEx or UPS. They tell you exactly where your package is.

  • Karime


  • Maris Kobb

    On February 9 our tax returns were
    sent by certified mail to Ogden Utah. The tracking seems to be stuck at " in process", arriving on Feb. 21. Since social security numbers are part of the parcel, we are indeed concerned. Is there any way to locate these documents? What happens if fraud occurs – will the postal service assume responsibility?

  • Maris Kobb

    Our income tax returns were sent to the IRS in Ogden Utah on Feb. 9. by certified mail. The tracking hasn’t changed in two weeks and says “in process” . Not only will this impede the filing of the taxes but our social security numbers are there for all to see.
    This is no way to run what should be a national service. Naturally, we have been unable to speak to a human being.
    I know that there are those who want to eliminate the lonf-trusted

  • Maria Rao

    This is the second time we’ve mailed a letter from CT to FL and both times the delivery was delayed. The first time it took 4 weeks and it was a certified letter with a tracking # , the second letter was mailed also certified with a tracking # on feb. 13th and as of today no one knows the status… it says pending! Seriously? Pending? I started a claim and the lady from USPS called me after 2 days and told me exactly what I found out myself on the website! PENDING! And after the call she closed the case! Pathetic!
    We paid money to have a tracking# but tracking what? USPS should reimburse us.
    I’m very disappointed with USPS

  • Celestine. Lewis

    My package from amazon has not arrive in 3 days I will call my senator an let them know the mess up delivery of the usps, an we will tell people an try to get them to do the same , u people at the usps give the same reason there is no legal reason that we can not get our delivers

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