Why Are People Wearing Polarized Lenses?

When’s the last time your eyes got caught by a stray glare from a passing car, a phone screen in a coffee shop, or a sparkling lake surface? Our eyes are meant for gathering light and registering the world around us, but even that can backfire. Flat surfaces like the aforementioned can cause rays of sunlight to shine directly into your retinas, and we shouldn’t have to tell you that it’s harmful- it feels harmful! The exposure to UV light is already problematic, but prolonged exposure can bring along with it damage to your cornea, retinas, and other eye tissues.

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

Light itself is bouncing from a thousand different angles and surfaces in any given location. The problem is when waves of light meet a horizontal surface and reflect it at a similar angle. This results in a glare, but at the same time allows us to manage the problem with the correct lenses! Polarized glass only permits vertically-angled light to pass through, eliminating the harsh reflections that plague us daily. 

Glare brings strain to your eyes and heightens the risk of encountering hazards and missing important visual details. Whether it’s a day at the lake or a long drive through the city, you can experience fatigue from the constant sunlight throughout your day. On top of this, contrast and clarity of vision is lost as brightness increases. Easily combated by polarized lenses, you can regain the comfort and true colors of your life by obtaining a specialized pair.

How Do I Tell If I Have Polarized Lenses?

Just bought a pair and need to check to see if they pass the polarized test? If they still have the sticker, tilt the glasses (facing you) onto their side about 60 degrees. Did the sticker get darker? You’re good to go!

Have an old pair and want to check? Grab another pair and put it behind the first. Rotate the first pair 60 degrees onto its side. If the overlapping lense becomes darker you have a polarized lense.

Only got one pair? Again rotate a pair 60 degrees in front of a computer screen, and if it proceeds to darken, you’re all set.

Why Should I Get Polarized Lenses?

Truthfully there are very few (if any) downsides to rocking a pair of specialized lenses. Protection from UV light along with cancelling out glare is a win-win in anybody’s book. While they can make reading LCD screens slightly more difficult, as long as that isn’t your job all day, you’ll be in the clear. You are protecting your cornea and retina from permanent damage, while also ditching the annoyance and inconvenience of reflections throughout your day! Take advantage of a life with better vision, colors, and comfort.

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