Guide to Round Sunglasses for Women


Guide to Round Sunglasses for WomenGuide to Round Sunglasses for Women

In the past, there was a popular belief that only popular female celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow or Marlene Dietrich could dawn a pair of round frames and look good in them. But this old unwritten rule is long dead, and round glasses are a common accessory among modern women.

If you are a sucker for round sunglasses for women, continue reading this article to get the best styling tips.

Types of Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses have evolved over the years. Today’s popular options include:

Panto Sunglasses

These iconic sunglasses come with high hinges and full base frames that compliment most modern or traditional styles. Panto sunglasses also have a round-oval shape that suits almost every face shape.

Oversized Round Sunglasses

Oversized round sunglasses are an option for women who want to make a bold fashion statement. These sunglasses have a glamorous appeal popular with top designer brands worldwide.

Small Round Sunglasses

These types of sunglasses are for simple yet elegant women. You can pull off an original, stylish look by combining small round sunglasses with vibrant shades of lenses.

Choosing the best Round Sunglasses for Women

There are three factors you should consider when picking round sunglasses for women. They include:

  • Face Shape

First, make sure the sunglasses match your face shape. Using a pencil pen, you can determine your face shape by tracing your face on a large mirror with your hair held back. Once you get the shape, select round sunglasses based on the following criteria:

Square face – Square-faced women with wide chins and broad foreheads can choose from various round frames as most round sunglasses soften their angular face profile.

Round face – Round faces with visible cheekbones aren’t compatible with round sunglasses but instead go well with rectangular and square frames.

Oblong face shape – For women with narrow faces, oversize round sunglasses are the best because they contrast the narrowness of your face.

Heart-shaped face – Heart-shaped faces take the form of an inverted triangle, which narrow down as you approach the tip (chin). Small round sunglasses can be perfect for a heart-shaped face because they help even out the face by minimizing the width at the top (forehead).

Oval face – Oval faces align in every way from the forehead to cheekbones and even jaw, and they are a good fit for all types of sunglasses, including round sunglasses.

  • Skin Color

This tip is simple: choose round sunglasses that match your skin color. Warm skin tones work well with round warmer colored round sunglasses, while cooler skin colors lean toward similar colored frames. The best-rounded sunglasses are those that don’t overpower your skin color or take attention away from your main features, such as the eyes.

  • Outfit

The type of outfit you’ll wear will also determine what type of sunglasses you’ll choose. Make sure the round-framed sunglasses you choose will match with most of your attire and jewelry accessories.

Purchase the Best Round Sunglasses for Women

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