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How to Stop Glasses From Fogging Up With Masks and Face Coverings


How to Stop Glasses From Fogging Up With Masks and Face CoveringsHow to Stop Glasses From Fogging Up With Masks and Face Coverings

Eyeglasses! They allow you to take in the beauty and majesty of the world instead of getting a blurry half-baked view of what it truly is. Unfortunately, however, glasses are predisposed to fogging, especially now that everyone has to wear a face mask.

When your glasses fog up, you can either wait for the fog to clear or take your glasses off. Unfortunately, either option doesn't fit well with most people who wear glasses. So this begs the question, how do you stop your glasses from fogging up while wearing them? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Use Soapy Water to Clean Your Glasses

Clean your glasses with soapy water before plopping them on your face. After a thorough clean, air-dry the glasses or pat them with a soft cloth and then put them on. Soap molecules from the soapy water will form a transparent coating on your lenses to prevent them from fogging.

  1. Use Skin-Safe Tape to Secure Your Mask

You can use skin-safe tape to seal the top part of your mask on your face. Just cut a thin strip of skin-safe tap and stick the upper part of the mask to your face. This prevents moisture from your mouth from rising to fog up your glasses.

  1. Use a Nose Clip to Fit Your Mask Perfectly

Your glasses fog every time because you wear a mask that doesn't fit properly. One way around this problem is finding a mask with an adjustable nose clip. That way, you can pinch the nose clip to fit snugly on your nose and keep the fog at bay.

Alternatively, you can buy silicone nose clips online or at a convenience store. Use them to secure the mask correctly over the bridge of your nose.

  1. Use Antifog Spray

Anti-Fog spray is commercially available for purchase online and in most pharmaceuticals. This is a liquid that you spray on the lenses of your glasses. The spray forms a transparent coating that prevents fog formation.

  1. Use Anti-Fog Wipes

If the antifog spray doesn't work for you, consider getting anti-fog wipes instead. With anti-fog wipes, you just have to wipe your glasses before donning them. In addition, the wipes introduce a transparent coating on the glasses that keep your glasses from misting up.

  1. Wear Your Glasses Lower

Try wearing your glasses a little lower to bridge the gap between the glasses and your mask. Doing so ensures seamless airflow through your glasses. In addition, all the moisture from your mouth will exit out the top of your glasses.

No More Fog on Your Glasses

The information above should help keep the fog away from your glasses. Find a solution that works for you and stick to it. Don't forget to share the good news with your bespectacled friends.

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