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Protecting Your Eyes from Seasonal Allergy? Here’s How You Can Do It!



All seasons are beautiful - the beauty fall brings with leaves falling, and spring brings blooming, colorful flowers. While nature takes a beautiful turn during these seasonal changes, human bodies feel different.

In winter, we take comfort under warm blankets, while summer brings sunny beach days. However, this also means numerous people’s eyes become allergic to seasonal changes. Often sudden weather changes can cause irritation and trouble to our eyes.

For example, causing irritation, itching, redness, and dark circles. If the problem persists, it starts interfering with regular activities and the sleep cycle. Moreover, swollen eyelids, mucus discharge, puffiness, unclear vision, and eyes becoming sensitive to light are a few common problems that people face with seasonal allergies.

We can’t control seasons, but we can take proper care of our eyes and protect them. So, keep reading to find out the best tips for your eyes.

Tips to Protect Eyes During Seasonal Allergies

These easy tips or recommendations will keep your eyes protected and safe from seasonal allergies.

1. Always Wear Your Glasses

If you think eyeglasses are only for vision correction, that’s not it. Eyeglasses aren’t only worn because your eyesight is weak. It also protects your eyes from dust, harsh blue light, and much more.

So, it’s essential to wear your glasses at all times, especially when you go out or look at the screen. You can find many glasses online if you don’t have the time to buy them from the local market. Regardless, glasses are a great eye protection method during seasonal changes and allergies.

2. Don’t Rub Your Eyes

It’s common for us to rub our eyes as soon as our eyes feel itchy or ache-y. While rubbing the eyes may provide you with some temporary relief, it will increase the itching over time and cause more problems. 

So, please don’t touch your eyes or ever rub them. But what should you do if you aren’t allowed to rub your eyes? Well, you can splash your face with cold water. This is the best solution for red and itchy eyes. If the problem persists, consult your doctor. They will prescribe you eye drops or ointments that work best for your eye condition.

3. Compress if You Have Swollen Eyes

For swollen eyes, it’s best to compress them with a clean, soft cloth. But remember not to use any warm cloth for compression. A warm compress will surely make you feel good, but the heat will only add to your eye problem later. So, it’s better to avoid warm compress. Use cold water for the cloth or blow with your mouth.

4. Avoid Contact Lenses

Wearing lenses regularly can be a problem if you have a seasonal allergy. Avoid wearing contact lenses if your eyes are prone to allergies during seasonal changes. Airborne allergies may harbor their home on the surface of your lenses.  

This can become a real problem, especially when your eyes start to itch. Lenses will only add more to your itchy condition during eye allergies. But if you want to wear lenses, then wear eyeglasses on top to stay safe from dust. This may not make sense; however, this is the best solution when you decide to step outside the house.

5. Wear Sunglasses When You’re Out

Sunglasses save us from a lot of problems when we step outside. Especially during the summer season, sunglasses work as eye protectors. The sunglasses lenses offer more coverage than any normal prescription wear.

It also protects the eyes from UV rays. Plus, sunglasses can eliminate stranded reflections falling on different surfaces and entering your eyes. If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, sunglasses can eliminate glare and make driving easier for you.

If you want, you can choose your sunglasses in polarized format, mirrored glasses, photochromic glasses, or any other type. There are numerous choices to go with. So, choose the best one for your eyes.


According to multiple studies, more than 40% of the worldwide population faces eye allergies due to seasonal changes. Undoubtedly, the eyes are the most delicate part of the body. They require special attention and care.

Eye allergies can become serious problems if not dealt with on time. To avoid serious eye issues, you should follow our recommendations. These recommendations come without any side effects.

Moreover, if you are an eyeglass wearer, wear them regularly to avoid itch caused by dirt and grime. Furthermore, if the eye allergy becomes serious, go to an eye specialist or ophthalmologist to cure the issue timely.



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