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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Sunglasses


While the core purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun and prevent dirt particles from entering the eyes, they also come with the ability to elevate your entire look and make you an appealing fashion statement on sunny days. Choosing stylish sunglasses may seem unproblematic, but it is not always easy to buy the right eyewear with greater functionality that fit your face shape, skin tone, hair color, and outfit. However, wearing the wrong size, shape, and design is easier and usually ends up with eyewear that does not seamlessly compliment your face, shape, and skin tone.

Since there are different things like shape, size, color, and UV protection to consider, picking the right pair of sunglasses is not always easier. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing sunglasses that improve your personality and provide better eye protection under the sun.

Remember Function as Well as Form

Sunglasses look awesome on your face but don’t forget that they perform an important function. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. This means, remembering their function as well as form when choosing the right one. Experts say that one should look for sunglasses with a lens category of 2 or 3 as they effectively reduce sun glare and provide a medium to a high level of protection from UV rays. If you spend more time on the water and looking for the right eyewear, then invest in the polarized lenses as they are made with a special chemical to filter light and reduce glare further.

Shop For Your Size

An oversized frame on your small face can ruin your overall look and a small frame on a large face is unflattering as well. This is the reason; make sure the frame size you choose looks fantastic on the size of your face. Ensure the lens, bridge and the length of the frame’s arms suit your face size so there will be no need to push the frame up of your nose. Oversized frames are only good for those with long or wide faces. Similarly, people with the small face should try smaller frames with lenses of about 52mm. One should try different frames to ensure the bridge, length of arms and lens suits the face size.

Opposites Attract

When shopping for sunglasses, the rule of thumb is to choose a pair that is the opposite shape of your face type. For example, if your face shape is square, you should buy rounded frames. And if you have a round face shape, you should buy square geometric frames. aviator or cat-eye styles are highly recommended for heart-shaped faces. And people with oval face shapes can get any of the above-mentioned frame styles. However, one should determine the face shape before buying a pair of sunglasses.

Invest In the Classics

As sunglasses are considered fashion purchases, spending money on a pair that you can use for years is a great idea. It is always advisable to invest in classic-style sunglasses as they can complement most outfits and can be used for years without feeling cringed. Sophisticated cat eyes, timeless aviators, universally flattering wayfarers, and other shapes are popular these days that you can wear with almost all outfits while protecting your eyes from harming UV rays.

Know the Color you Need

While the color of a lens usually doesn’t affect the protection it provides from UV rays, it defines the conditions and activities the glasses are best suited to. Gray lenses are commonly used to darken everything you see without altering colors. Lenses with green tints are all-rounder as well and brown tints increase contrast and are highly recommended to use in unpredictable weather and sports activities. Rose-colored tints are best to improve road visibility and are useful while driving. You can also wear them for a long time as they are helpful in reducing eye strain. This is the reason; you should pick a pair of sunglasses with the right tint to get the most out of your investment. 

Buy the Right One for your Skin Tone

Skin tone is another important thing to consider when shopping for sunglasses. If your skin color is light with warm undertones, it is great to go for sunglasses with darker shades of brown, gold, or green. Bright gold, brown and neutral shades are the perfect choice for dark-skinned individuals. It is also great to match blue or pink shades for cooler skin tones. This will add an immediate pop of color to your skin tone and overall look.

Consider your Hair Color Too

Hair color is another key factor that can make or break the overall appeal of your eyewear. By considering your hair color when buying sunglasses, you can go for an elegant frame style and lens to make a striking fashion statement. When shopping for an ideal pair of eyewear, keep your hair color in mind to choose the right frame & lens. Dark shades for light-colored hair make an appealing pop of color due to the contrast they create. For example, people with light hair can opt for a wooden frame with dark gray or brown color with green-tinted lenses. Black-haired individuals can opt for dark locks with light or pastel to instantly enhance the overall look.

Universal Style Frames

As it is mentioned above that some frame styles suit face shapes more than others, there are some frame shapes and sizes that come with universal appeal. Such frames look awesome on most face shapes as they are less angular and not overly rounded. Spending on universal-style sunglasses also gives you the freedom to wear them with multiple outfits.


Buying the perfect pair of sunglasses can be a confusing process and feels like a significant undertaking. with the right information and determining your face shape, you can effectively choose the best frame with the right lenses for your lifestyle. If you found these sunglasses choosing guide useful, share it with your friends, and feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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