Understanding the World of Perfumes and Beyond

Imagine walking through a vibrant market in Marrakech: tantalizing spices, fragrant roses and the soothing scent of sandalwood from an ancient apothecary all remind us of the power of scents to transport us to another time or place, create memories or define who we are as individuals. Beyond all that, perfume also wields an extraordinary power: seduction and allure! A carefully chosen scent can draw people together like magnetism: this magnetic pull emanating from interplay of notes speaks directly to our most primal instincts while creating an intricate dance of desire and allurement between lovers.

Perfume is more than an aromatic scent - it's an intimate choice, reflecting our moods, desires and aspirations. While some choose perfume to exude confidence when meeting prospective employers, others use it for romance during dates, or simply enjoy having it around as an extra comfort during busy days.
Now let's delve deeper into the world of perfumes, exploring their various classifications: Eau De Toilette (EDT), Eau De Parfum (EDP) and Eau De Cologne (EDC).

Eau De Cologne (EDC) is one of the gentlest members of perfume family, typically consisting of 2-4% perfume oil mixed with alcohol and water. Given their delicate composition, EDCs typically dissipate quickly - often within two hours! Their light fragrance makes EDCs perfect choices for warmer climates where stronger scents could overshadow you.

Eau De Toilette (EDT) perfume oils contain 5-15% concentration for maximum subtlety and presence, leaving their scent behind for three to five hours - ideal for daily tasks such as morning meetings or afternoon outings.

Eau De Parfum (EDP), as the boldest fragrance option available, blends intensity and longevity in one captivating package. Boasting concentrations between 15-20%, these scents are designed for those wanting an impactful scent to last anywhere between five to eight hours on wearers - perfect for special events and evening soirees where EDP will leave an indelible mark!

Designer Optics provides an exquisite collection of EDCs, EDTs and EDPs designed to suit every mood or moment in life. Perfume can seem complex; finding your signature scent should not be left up to chance! With Designer Optics you will find everything from breezy EDC or EDT scents for everyday wear all the way through to deep embrace EDP fragrances to help discover them all! So go forth, experiment, and let your scent tell its own unique tale!

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