What Do Blue Light Filter Glasses Do? Are They Right For Me?


What Do Blue Light Filter Glasses Do? Are They Right For Me?

What Do Blue Light Filter Glasses Do? Are They Right For Me?

If you’ve been shopping for a new set of prescription glasses, you may have come across companies offering “blue light filters” for their glasses. These glasses look pretty much identical to glasses that don’t have blue light filters – so what’s the difference? And could you benefit from a pair of glasses that filter blue light? Read on and find out in this blog from Designer Optics.

What Is Blue Light And How Do Blue Light Filter Glasses Work?

Blue light is found everywhere – including in the sun’s rays. But a lot of blue light comes from the devices we use every day, such as cell phones, computers, TVs, tablets, and other screens. People are spending more time on digital devices for both work and play, so blue light filter glasses are becoming more popular.

Blue light filter glasses look similar to normal glasses, but have a special coating or lens design that helps reduce the amount of blue light that enters your vision. This is thought to reduce issues associated with blue light exposure – like eye strain and dryness from looking at a computer all day.

What Are The Benefits Of Blue Light Filter Glasses?

Blue light filter glasses are thought to have a number of benefits, particularly for people who use computers a lot for work, or who otherwise use electronic devices frequently throughout the day.

  • Reduced eye strain – Blue light filters may help reduce eye strain, protecting your eyes from glare and reducing potential damage to your retina due to prolonged blue light exposure.
  • Fewer headaches – Light, and blue light in particular, is a common trigger for migraines and headaches. People who regularly suffer headaches may be able to get relief with the help of blue light filter glasses.
  • Improved sleep – As mentioned, the sun is a big source of blue light, along with light in every other spectrum. Because of this, it’s thought that exposure to blue light in electronic devices like cell phones and computers can interrupt your natural “circadian rhythm,” which regulates sleep. Blue light filter glasses can help reduce blue light exposure and may lead to higher-quality sleep.

If you use computers and screens a lot every day, you suffer from eye strain, you suffer from headaches, or you have trouble sleeping, it’s possible that blue light filter glasses could help.

Shop Blue Light Filter Glasses At Designer Optics Today!

At Designer Optics, we offer Crizal Prevencia Blue Violet Light Filtering Lenses for most of our prescription eyewear. This unique coating is built to filter out unwanted blue light to keep your eyes feeling great, even after prolonged screen time.

So don’t wait. Shop our full selection of prescription glasses today, and get the glasses you need to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

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    Blue light filter glasses are different from the rest as they provide the best protection from blue light. This will help you stay productive and will also keep your eyes healthy.

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