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Which Sunglasses Did Tom Cruise Wear in "Top Gun"?


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Tom Cruise's iconic aviator sunglasses from 1986's "Top Gun" remain iconic movie fashion icons today. His choice of the Ray-Ban RB3025 gold model became an instantaneous fashion trend that still persists today and still makes waves through both movie business and fashion industry. This blog post delves deeper into their long history, along with their impact in cinematic and fashion circles alike.

Tom Cruise famously played Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, an accomplished and fierce fighter pilot with a rebellious streak in "Top Gun." Maverick became iconic for both his daring flying skills and charismatic style; particularly his iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses that epitomized Maverick's confident yet distant persona - these shades became one of his trademark features. 

Ray-Ban RB3025 gold aviators became an extension of Maverick's character and an expression of his rebellious sophistication. Their gold frame added extra appeal, while the green large, tinted lenses helped create an air of mystery around him - truly making these glasses unique. 

Ray-Ban sunglasses date back to 1937. Initially designed as aids for fighter pilots during World War II, these shades now serve as an elegant nod to aviation history by being chosen for use on "Maverick." Ray-Ban was amazed at the impact of "Top Gun." Sales of their RB3025 model skyrocketed within one year after its release; showing just how influential movies can be on fashion trends. Today, these iconic sunglasses remain highly sought-after among collectors. 

The movie and sunglasses made an indelible mark on pop culture, symbolizing youthful rebellion during the 80s while remaining timeless symbols of cool in modern society. Notable figures, style icons and fashion bloggers alike have worn them since, further solidifying their status within fashion culture. 

Tom Cruise's iconic Ray-Ban RB3025 gold aviators with green G-15 lenses from "Top Gun" have become cultural and fashion icons over time, transcending film prop status into cultural iconography. Capturing both film spirit and era while remaining timeless, they continue to excite film buffs and fashion lovers alike.

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