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Why Choose Eyeglasses Over Contacts?


Why Choose Eyeglasses Over Contacts?Why Choose Eyeglasses Over Contacts?

Should you pick eyeglasses or contacts? If you have a vision issue that needs correcting, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. So what’s the best option between the two? The answer: Eyeglasses. Here are reasons you should choose eyeglasses over contacts—courtesy of vision experts here at Designer Optics.

  1. Minimal Care

Glasses are easy to maintain. They only need an occasional cleaning or screw adjusting, and you are good to go. Also, all you need to do during bedtime is take them off and put them in a case.

However, eye contacts require extra care and maintenance. First, they need to be cleaned in a specific way, which takes commitment and time. Then, you have to store them in a special cleaning solution. What about disposable contacts? Disposable contacts must be replaced after a few months, which is expensive in the long run.

  1. Easy to Use

Glasses are easier and more comfortable to use than contacts. For example, when your eyes get itchy, you can easily take off your glasses and gently attend to them, which is not the case with contact lenses. In addition, it is easier to clean dirt and debris off your glass lenses as opposed to contacts.

On the other hand, attempting to scratch your eyes might rip your contact lenses and cause excruciating pain. Sadly, ripped contacts can easily damage your eye and compromise your vision. Therefore, in most cases, you may have to wait until you get home to get rid of irritating debris from your contacts which can be very uncomfortable.

  1. Instantly Transform Your Look

The mere addition of an accessory or one tiny change to your outfit can elevate your entire look. And what better way to up your look than to wear trendy and matching eyewear? Unlike contacts that are usually concealed inside the eyes, glasses allow you to instantly transform your look and style. So whether you’re looking for a pair that packs glamour or you have a thing for class, our fashionable frames collection has got you covered.

  1. Infections

If you’re looking to correct your vision problem in an infection-free manner, wearing glasses is your best shot. Here’s why:

-          Contacts may worsen your condition if you have dry and sensitive eyes.

-          Contacts may deprive your cornea of oxygen and cause corneal hypoxia.

-          Contacts and solutions used to clean them can cause allergic reactions.

-          Contact lenses may not offer full protection against ultraviolet rays. However, some top-class prescription glasses offer 100% protection against ultraviolet rays to help keep debilitating eye problems and infections at bay.

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