Why Wear Lightly Tinted Glasses Indoors?


Why Wear Lightly Tinted Glasses Indoors?Why Wear Lightly Tinted Glasses Indoors?

While the benefits of wearing lightly tinted glasses outdoors are fairly straightforward, many people struggle with the reality that lightly tinted glasses are just as necessary indoors—especially now that the world is increasingly adopting a new norm of working from home.

If you’ve been wondering why you should wear tinted glasses indoors, here are reasons why it’s necessary.

Protection from Light Sensitivity (Photophobia)

Photophobia is a condition where your eyes become sensitive to different levels of light. When you suffer from light sensitivity, your eyes are always in pain and discomfort whenever you’re in well-lit rooms. Lightly tinted glasses block out unnecessary light from entering your eye and offer you relief from painful light-sensitive experiences.

Better Contrast

Darker glasses block visible light. This type of tint in glass can distort your color perception and make your eyes more sensitive when transitioning in different lit environments. Lightly tinted lenses enhance your contrasting abilities indoors by only allowing visible light and blocking the excess light from reaching your eyes. They also add depth to your vision, especially when it’s too bright inside.

Fewer Migraines

Exposure to short-wavelength lights can trigger chronic migraines. The migraines can become even more severe if you already experience headaches from time to time. Lightly tinted glasses help prevent migraines and headaches caused by short wavelengths.

Reduced Exposure to Blue Light

Remote working means more screen time. Exposure to blue light from devices such as your phone, TV, or computer can cause vision complications such as blurry vision, eyestrain, eye fatigue, dry eye and cataracts. Exposure to blue light can also cause insomnia, which can lead to other health issues such as anxiety and mental disorders.

You can minimize the effects of blue light exposure by wearing eyeglasses with lightly tinted blue blockers when using your computer and other blue-light emitting devices.


Unlike darker tints that make it difficult for your eyes to adjust when transitioning from the outside to the indoors, light tints provide you with a well-balanced vision, which makes it easy for you to alternate between indoors and outdoors.  You don’t have to deal with sudden changes to your vision.

Great for Reading

Reading text on a plain white piece of paper can be difficult, especially for an extended period. Indoor glasses can help improve your reading ability, concentration span and speed because they only allow visible light to reach your eye.  Lightly tinted glasses can also help photophobia or dyslexia patients improve their reading skills.

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