Escada was founded by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in Munich in 1978 in Germany. With a background in fashion, both as a former model and as a formally trained tailor from the Royal Court in Stockholm, Margaretha Ley was a world-class couturier before she set up the Escada brand with her co-founder. Known for her bold, feminine designs, The use of appliqués and inlays made the Escada womenswear collection a hit when it first launched in 1978. The intricately designed and crafted pieces were distinctly unusual in the world of high fashion, which saw the frequent use of animal wools, furs, and other patterned fabrics. The combination of colors, patterns, embroideries, and elaborately knitted fabrics gave Escada a lever to stand out from the rest in the world of fashion.


Loved by everyone from actors to many European royal family members including Princess Diana. Escada’s eyewear collection carries that same bold, feminine spirit of the designer icon and brings it to everyday fashion.

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