Go a little extra with these fashion-forward eyewear eyeglasses from Exces.

Exces eyeglasses are made by ESE International, a company founded in 1938 by Benjamin Shyer and operated from his very apartment in Brooklyn where the inventory was being stashed beneath a bed. Today, Exces is home of the luxury German brand of eyewear and a household name for those seeking to radiate youthful vibes. Exces eyeglasses are imaginative, in vogue, and full of personality – the three elements that help you stand out. From styles to shapes, colors to details, you’ll find each frame to be a masterpiece in its own. The frames are distinct for their trendy, cool vibes, plus the manufacturing process involves several stringent protocols to ensure you get the best pair for your facial makeover. Exces eyewear is more about “to be” rather than just “being there”. No matter the occasion, we have a pair suited to your specific needs.

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