Invincibly lightweight!

So light, it’s almost like you’re wearing air. The motivation behind ultra-lightweight frames characterized by sleek, clean lines is to keep the focus on the eyes, not the eyewear. Each style you pick up from this collection is designed exclusively using lightweight but extremely durable materials. Invincilities frames are hypo-allergenic, easy fitting, and made from beta titanium – a material known for its ability to withstand duress without losing shape. On some of the frames, you’ll find the temples to be slightly chunkier than the other, don’t worry, they’re just as lightweight as the thinner ones; just a different feel. The nose pads are adjustable, resting nicely in place and fitting snug, so you’re never bothered by an overtight fit or a loose fit that keeps sliding down. Frames appealing to all varying tastes are listed – yes, we got every one of you covered. Elevate your eyewear today!

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