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Miraflex creates Italian made, flexible and safe, plastic frames with no metal parts, to make wearing glasses for kids a harmless affair.

Kids find it super hard to keep their glasses fit firmly in place as they go about their day. However, Miraflex glasses are not just comfortable, durable, and unbreakable, but also fit perfectly on your kid’s face. These glasses are carefully designed in Italy, with exceptional attention to detail, to ensure every feature is perfectly suited to kids. The bridge is built anatomically to fit your child’s nose without the need for nose pads. This is a revolutionary change since nose pads are one of the most common areas for young children.

Moreover, Miraflex glasses are BPA, rubber, latex-free, which means they’ll feel gentle on the skin and safe for use, even for infants. Plus, the soft, elastic strap keeps the glasses in place, even for the most adventurous kids.

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