Philipp Plein Sunglasses & Eyeglasses
Philipp Plein Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

Philipp Plein

 A true outsider that’s changing the face of fashion!

German fashion designer Philipp Plein started his career with no experience but an insatiable hunger for entrepreneurship and success. His unconventional business style and trendsetting marketing have quickly given him the moniker “bad “boy” in the fashion industry.


His pieces have been show-stoppers at the greatest fashion shows in the world, year on year, showcasing the world of high-fashion and design that creativity and tenacity can go a really long way. Philip Plein is much like his biggest customers—hip hop stars, footballers, and big-time ballers—who don’t shy from the braggadocious show of wealth, power, and influence.


Unlike other newcomers in the industry, Philip Plein doesn’t pretend to hide his lack of background in fashion, and this has made him the undisputed rebel child of the industry. With this collection of luxury eyewear, Philip Plein brings his unique tastes, highlighted by the use of thick frames, chunky embellishments, crystals, bold embellishments, and unconventional finishes.

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