The Superdry Philosophy

Superdry is a global lifestyle brand that was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003 by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder. The brand was born out of a passion for high-quality design, attention to detail, and a desire to create something truly unique. Superdry's signature style is a fusion of Japanese and British design influences, resulting in a brand that is both distinctive and highly desirable. One of the unique aspects of Superdry's brand identity is its distinctive graphics, which are inspired by vintage Americana and Japanese imagery. The brand's eyewear collection is a testament to this commitment, featuring frames made from premium materials such as acetate, metal, and stainless steel.

From Runway to Real Life

The Superdry eyewear collection is a reflection of the brand's rich history and commitment to high-quality design, attention to detail, and sustainability. The frames are made with the highest quality materials, including eco-friendly options, and are designed to meet the needs of the modern consumer. The collection offers a range of styles, from classic aviators to modern rectangular shapes, all featuring the brand's signature graphics and Japanese script. Superdry's eyewear collection is more than just a fashion statement - it's a reflection of the brand's passion for innovation, quality, and style. Whether you're lounging on the beach or exploring the city, these frames will keep you looking cool and feeling confident. So why not add a touch of Superdry to your eyewear collection and see the world in a whole new way? As the brand's motto says, "We are the fearless. We are Superdry."