Eye Makeup with Glasses? The Ultimate Guide!

Makeup is a great way to make oneself feel better and more beautiful. Whether it is to hide insecurities or blemishes, makeup can do wonders for your facial skin. When applied correctly, you can highlight, define, and enhance your facial features.

It doesn’t matter if you wear winged eyeliner and mascara or a full face of makeup; wearing glasses can cause some issues. Glasses wearers have frequently raised this issue, and we have developed the perfect guide.

So, if you are tired of smudged foundation on your glass frames, mascara decorating your frames, or ruined makeup, this is how you should apply makeup next:

Your Makeup Defines Your Eyes

If you wear glasses, but your go-to makeup is smokey eyes, you should change your look slightly. This is because glasses can create shadows under the eye area. So, with glasses, you should go with lighter shades.

You don’t always have to go for intense colors while doing your eye makeup with glasses. You simply should feel confident and comfortable. Instead of shocking pink, go for a pale pink color.

Plus, remember that shimmery and pastel colors work best to brighten the eyes while still giving your eyes that fierce, flared look. Glasses can also make the eyes appear smaller. In that case, applying white eyeliner to your waterline will make them appear brighter and larger. 

We all know that glasses can make our dark circles much more visible. A good concealer will hide them perfectly fine. Remember not to overdo your eye makeup - the rest will be fine!

Bold Frames? Go for a Bold Lip Color

If you wear thick frames, you know they have a bolder look. You may wear these bigger frames to play down your strong facial features. Previously, these thick frames were only available in dark colors.

However, now, they are available in various new and exciting clear and colored styles to give an elegant yet bold look. If you don’t want to draw attention to your glasses, go with thinner frames

If you go for thin glasses, go for dark, bold lip colors. This doesn’t mean that the color should be the darkest. Instead, go for a light yet bright colors. If you decide to wear thicker frames, go for neutral-toned lip colors. This will look great with your makeup and glasses.

Go for the Right Frames

Well, you will need to learn how to choose your frames. 

Does the color of the glasses matter? Only when you go for eccentric color choices that can’t be widely paired with in the future. Remember that choosing new lenses is absolutely on you. You will be the one wearing them.

So, make sure you choose the right ones that represent you and your personality in the best way possible. They aren’t simply glasses - instead, they should be considered a necessity in your wardrobe.

People typically choose neutral colors for their frames (brown, black, etc.). These common color choices make makeovers easier because you can easily match the frames with your eye color, hair color, and skin tone.

If you have the budget, go for large eyeglasses that show your entire eye. These large glasses distort your eye makeup less than smaller ones. In conclusion, simply choose the frames you love on your face and do the best eye makeup to enhance your features.

Applying Mascara - Choosing the Right One!

Wearing eyeglasses doesn’t mean you should change your complete makeup routine. Sometimes, you just need a little tweak or touch here and there to make your eye makeup more comfortable while wearing glasses.

Flakey mascara can cause problems because glasses sit so close to your eyes. As a result, they can smudge the mascara, leaving black flakes on your frames and lenses. Your perfectly applied mascara and glasses get messy.

So, choose the right mascara - a waterproof one! A dry formula or waterproof will be the best choice if your eyelashes get flakey or stick to your lenses. These mascara types are much more resistant and last longer. You will even notice the sudden, dramatic change to your eyelashes. They will feel more voluminous and properly curled.


Glasses can make wearing eye makeup somewhat difficult. Although they complement the eyes perfectly, keeping the makeup intact can be challenging and exhausting. But if you use the right products, you won’t have to face these problems. Our eye makeup tips will hopefully allow you to wear your frames fabulously while keeping eye makeup mishaps out of your hair.

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