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  • What is Anti Reflection? and what Options do you offer?

    Anti-reflective lenses give you clearer vision by transmitting over 90% of light to your eye, which creates reduces the glare that can occur from traditional lenses without an anti-reflective coating. Anti-reflective lenses are ideal if you work at a computer screen, as they reduce eye strain and can prevent your eyes from becoming dry.

    We offer the Following AR to Read more about each option please click here

  • Progressive and Bifocal Eyeglasses Lens Types

    There is three Choices we offer for Progressive Prescriptions and two for Bifocal Prescriptions, We Offer Two Varilux Lens Options, if you have any specific needs please contact us and we will try our best to help you, We are a Proud Authorized retailer of Varilux Lenses, Read More

    1. Standard Progressive
    2. Premium Progressive Varilux Comfort DRX
    3. Super Premium Progressive Varilux X
    4. Bifocal - Flat Top 28
    5. Bifocal - Flat Top 35 

  • How To Care For Your Glasses

    Guidelines to make sure your trusty prescription Eyeglasses and sunglasses last as long as possible
    • Wear Them Properly
    • Clean Them Correctly
    • Store Them Safely

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